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Fender Lines How-To's

Quality boat fender lines

Boat Fender Lines

Boat fender lines are extremely important if you want your fender to work and protect your boat from impacting another boat, while berthing or docked. ... read more Fender lines are pieces of rope or vinyl that secures the fender while hanging down the side of the boat or quay wall. Without a fender line, the fenders will not be able to be attached to the boat.

Fender lines come in a wide variety of styles- to fit your needs, colors- to make sure they match the color scheme of the boat, and material make-up. Most boat fender lines will come in 6 to 9 foot length offering durability and long-lasting use and strength.

Here at iboats, we offer a wide variety of fender lines for every type of boat or fender. If you're looking for loc or twisted type lines, you can find them here on iboats. We carry Seasense, Unicord, TaylorMade, Seachoice and many more to choose from.

Types of Boat Fender Lines offered:

Fender Loc Lines

Loc lines offer an adjustable and excellent way to secure boat fenders. They have a very handy built-in loop that does not require tying a knot. This type of line works with any type of fender.

Twisted Fender Lines

This type of fender is twisted line with a diameter of 3/8" and is designed for any type of fender. Twisted line have a small eye-loop at the end to securely attach your fender and a sealed tip at the other end to prevent fraying.

Fender Lines

Made of high quality Nylon Braided and 3-Strand Twisted line. These lines are made of the same material as our dock and anchor lines and come with two lines per package.

Seachoice Fender Lines

Seachoice lines are made of a double braided nylon and comes with two lines in a package. These lines are sure to keep the fender between the boat and the object.
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