The Fireboy-Xintex Fire Detection System provides an intelligent networked solution for the monitoring of 4 or 8 zones. Easy installation, does not require extensive set up or programming. The system consists of a monitor, one input module (model FR-100) and up to 14 smoke or heat detectors for a 12VDC system, or 8 detectors on a 24VDC system, plus up to two audible alarms connected to each zone (sold separately). The system communicates via a 2 wire network cable with a maximum cable length of 3200 feet. Full indication from one central location on the boat. Visual indication of a fire or fault. Audible indication of a fire or fault. Isolate any zone. All zone names are easily programmed; i.e. Engine Room, Upper deck, Galley, Master Stateroom, etc. Backlight for night operation.