Featuring a small footprint, the Flojet Miniature Automatic Demand Water System Pump is ideal for boats that have compact space. This pump automatically supplies water up to 3 faucets, one or two simultaneously, making it a highly efficient choice. Thanks to the integrated pressure switch, the pump automatically starts and stops when the faucet is open or closed. The pump is self-priming, and you can install it above the tank.

This pump has sealed pressure switch and motor for optimum protection against external elements. Featuring a built-in thermal protector, the pump can run dry longer periods without any damage. The pump’s low amp draw capability prevents battery draining.

  • Compact size
  • Built-in pressure switch – provides on-demand water supply
  • Built-in thermal protector

Features of Flojet Miniature Automatic Demand Water System Pump

  • Fully automatic demand pump
  • Can run dry for longer periods without damage
  • Sealed pressure switch and motor
  • Self-priming – pump can be installed above water tank
  • Motor type: Permanent magnet motor
  • Low amp draw – doesn’t drain your battery
  • Soft compliant Santoprene mounting system
  • CE approved


  • Dimension: 2.3"H x 3.5"W x 6.4"L  
  • Pump design: Reciprocating diaphragm
  • Flow rate: 1.0 gpm 3.8 lpm
  • Duty cycle: Intermittent
  • Port type: 3/8" (9.5 mm) hose barb
  • Operating pressure: 1.7 bar 25 psi
  • Pressure switch setting: 12.4 - Off 1.7 - On bar 35 - Off 25 - On psi
  • Self-priming: Up to 2.5 ft (1.76 m) vertically
  • Max. liquid temperature: 43 °C 110 °F
  • Motor voltage: 12 Vdc
  • Current 2.5 Amp Nominal @ 25 PSI (1.7 bar)