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Trolling Motors
How to install the Minn Kota iPilot Terrova Trolling Motor (Video)
Installation video on how to install the Minn Kota iPilot Terrova Trolling Motor. ... read more

Video Transcription

The i-Pilot installation video for the Terrova trolling motor. I-Pilot is designed to be a fairly simple installation and we will walk you through each step in detail. If you have any questions after watching the videos, please call our technical service line at 1-800-227- 6433.

Before we get started, make sure that your trolling motor is secured properly and that it is in a clean dry space. Disconnect all power to the trolling motor. This will ensure your safety and protect the electronics that you’re about to install. For this installation the only tool that you’re going to need is a Phillips screwdriver.

We’re now ready to begin the i-Pilot installation. The first step will be to remove the control box cover. They are four mounting screws located underneath the control box. I have already removed the first three and there is the fourth. We will now install the i-Pilot controller. Locate the two connector halves, verify the proper orientation, firmly press them together. Once they’re together, ensure that there is no yellow band showing between the two connector halves. Install the i-Pilot controller using the four screws provided. Your i-Pilot installation is now complete.

To ensure everything is working properly before getting on the water, please refer to the verify installation section of your owner’s manual.
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Minn Kota iPilot Wireless GPS Trolling system
Minn Kota iPilot Wireless GPS Trolling System Accessory (Video)
A video presentation on the iPilot wireless GPS trolling system accessory. ... read more

Video Transcript

Hi I’m Rick Murphy one of Minn Kota’s many pro-staff and I want to tell you the i-Pilot has really changed my life and I felt compelled to tell you how I use that i-Pilot every day in guiding.

Now the first thing I do is I often shut down a couple of hundred yards short of where I want to fish so that I don’t wake the shoreline. And after I get to where I want to fish, the first thing I do is I deploy the trolling motor. The i-Pilot this is where it really takes off for me. Now what I’m going to simply do is I’m going to pick a direction where I want this motor to go and I’m going to choose from one of the 20 speeds that it offers. Once I have established the speed, then I want to go up and fish that creek right there. I’m going to go ahead and put it on auto-pilot. Now what it does for me is it allows me to go with very little adjustments while I get my rods ready. Then I can also get my rods ready and explain to my customers exactly what we’re going to be doing here. If I want to adjust the speed and slow down it’s real easy.

Once I arrive at my fishing spot the cool part is now I can push spot lock. And by pushing the spot lock it’s going to actually stop and hold me right here. That’s the beauty of the i-Pilot, it will hold me within 5 feet. Watch it turning around, it’s coasting up here, it will stop, turn around and hold me exactly where I want to be. Now I don’t have to worry about any anchors or even putting a push poll. When you talk about green this is what really makes this really awesome.

So I hope some of these tips have helped you become more efficient when running the Minn Kota i-Pilot because these little tips really work for me on a daily basis. Good luck and tight lines and good fishing.
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Minn Kota ipilot riptide

How to Install Minn Kota Trolling Motor: iPilot Riptide (Video)

An installation guide on how to install an iPilot Riptide Trolling motor. ... read more

Video Transcription

Before, we get started make sure that your tolling motor is secured properly and that it is in a clean dry space. Disconnect all power to the controlling motor. This will ensure your safety and protect the electronics that you are about to install. Also, you have to make sure that you have the following tools available: Phillips screwdriver, utility knife, needle nose pliers, and a heat gun or some other heat source for installing the heat shrink tubing.

If a foot pedal is connected to the trolling motor, it must be disconnected. Once IPilot is installed, the foot pedal cannot be used and as IPilot is completely uninstalled.

We are now ready to get started. First, we'll remove the Copilot cable in the motor. Next, remove the two mounting screws that hold this Copilot side plate to the motor. I already loosened the first screw and here's the second.

The next steps in the installation process are done on the base of the motor. We'll start by removing both side plates. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove all four mounting screws; two on each side. I've already removed three and here is the fourth.

Next, remove the centre housing by pushing at both sides and lifting up at the same time. Next, remove the four screws holding the control box cover in place. I've already removed three and here is the fourth.

The next step is to remove the Auto Pilot assembly. Using a utility knife, carefully remove the heat shrink from each of the six connectors. This can take some time so I pre-cut one to demonstrate the process. Next, remove the wire from the Outer Pilot board. Then, follow the same process for the remaining five connectors.

Now that we have the heat shrink and wires removed, we need to remove the circuit board. Push the locking tabs out and lift the board straight up. Finally, grasp the compass and lift it out.

The next step is to apply heat shrink to all six connectors. This is important to provide electrical insulation and prevent corrosion. I'm going to demonstrate this process on just one connector.

Position the heat shrink over the connector making sure none of the connector is exposed. Now, apply heat. Finally, pinch the end of the heat shrink to create a tight seal. Follow the same process for the remaining five connectors.

Now that you have heat shrink applied to all six connectors, we need to route the wires to ensure that there's adequate room for installation of the IPilot Controller. Next, remove the grommet by firmly pressing down until it pops out.

Next, we will install the IPilot controller. Route the IPilot Controller cable through the grommet hole and then through the centre of the coil cord.

The next step will be to install the new grommet. Position the grommet over the wire, slide it up, and snap it into place. Now, secure the IPilot Controller using the four supplied screws.

Now that the controller is attached, secure the IPilot Controller cable to the motor coiled cord using three of the zip ties provided. Then trim the zip ties.

Next, using a Phillips screw driver, loosen the cable strain relief which is secured to the base of the motor. Position the IPilot Contoller steering cable into the open slot. Tighten the cable strain relief. The cable should slide freely when properly installed.

Next, locate the black and white wires coming through the centre housing. Using a utility knife, carefully remove the heat shrink from the connections. This may take some time so I pre-cut them to demonstrate the process. Next, pull the connectors apart on both black and white wires.

Now, we need to heat shrink the wires that are previously disconnected. Locate the black wire coming through the centre housing. Slide the heat shrink completely over the connector. Now find the black wire coming from the IPilot steering cable. This is the cable that was just routed though the strain relief. Plug the two connectors together. Slide the heat shrink over the connector, making sure it is completely covered. Now apply heat. Follow the same process for the white wires.

Locate the two remaining disconnected wires. Position the heat shrink over one of the connectors. Make sure none of the connectors is exposed. Now apply heat. Next, pinch the end of the heat shrink to create a tight seal. Follow the same process for the remaining connector.

Now it's time to reinstall the centre housing and the side plates. Push down on the centre housing until the side fingers lock into place. Make sure all cables are routed through the exit hole of the housing. Next, reinstall the side plates using a Phillips screwdriver. Use the two new screws provided on the side plate where Copilot was installed.

Now, connect the IPilot cable to the motor cable while verifying proper orientation. Make sure the connector nut is in tight.

Your IPilot installation is now complete. To ensure everything is working properly before getting in the water, please refer to the verifying installation section of your owner's manual.

Official Minn Kota frequently ask questions page for you to learn more.
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