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24 results

Fuel Vents How-To's

marine fuel safety

Marine & Fuel Safety (Video)

Marian and fuel safety, presented by Attwood Marine. ... read more

Video Transcript

The basis for the new EPA regulations is to control emissions and this is being accomplished by reducing evaporative emissions from fuel systems. However, by closing the fuel system, there's a risk of over pressurization as it is no longer breathing as systems did in the past. As a result, the closed system solution must account for all potential hazardous circumstances and implement solutions for each of them.

This animation is example of Attwood's efforts to meet these requirements. Under extreme circumstances, such as a prolonged incarnation of the fuel tank, the fuel level could cause both FLVV and Grade Valve to close. The purpose of these valves is to control the fuel pressure within the fuel system. But in this situation pressure will build, and with nowhere else to go, will build up above the ICV as well.

To alleviate a potentially unsafe condition, there are sensors built into the Attwood's deck fill. A pressure spike in the deck fill will cause the sensors to open special valves within the deck fill releasing the pressure into the atmosphere and relieving the fuel system.

Once the extreme circumstances is corrected, the fuel system will return to its normal operation.
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