Fulton Performance Two Speed Trailer Winches.

Used for easy loading of large boats.These winches have one fast speed for quick pull in and one slower speed to easily pull heavy loads.These winches allow changing speeds without changing handles.The shift lock holds the shaft in the desired gear ratio. Just lift the lock and move shaft to change speed. Neutral position for quick line payout without spinning the handle.The Ratchet pawl also has a neutral position.They are Zinc plated for superior corrosion resistance.

Part #Capacity rating in lbs.Gear RatioHandle lengthHub size
220-T200501012,0004.1:1 & 9.8:110"1"
220-T260501012,6005.1:1 & 12.2:110"1"
220-T320501013,2005.1:1 & 12.2:110"1-3/4"