The Fulton Winch Strap is designed for use with Fulton winches and is ideal for heavy-duty winching applications. It features a nylon web strap and includes a heavy-duty hook. The strap is made of colorfast UV-resistant material for improved color retention and sun damage protection.

  • Suitable for heavy-duty applications
  • Made of colorfast and UV-resistant material
  • Includes a sturdy hook

Attach the sewn-loop end to the winch drum using the optional cross bolt.

Features of Trailer Winch Strap & Hook

  • Ideal for heavy-duty pulling applications
  • Includes sturdy hook
  • Made of colorfast and UV-resistant material
  • Sewn loop attaches to winch drum with the optional cross bolt


  • Manf. Part # WS20 0700
  • Size: 2 inch wide and 20 feet long
  • Maximum working load capacity: 2,600 lbs.