• Replace or add comfort and padded protection to inside coaming wall area of any cockpit
  • Flexible PVC substrates allow bolster to conform to subtle contour of coaming
  • Easy to install and remove - with unique hidden stainless clips and screws
  • Marine grade UV quilted vinyl

48536 : L: 36" (91cm), H: 5" (13cm), Thickness: 1.75 (4.5cm)
48548 : L: 48" (122cm), H: 5" (13cm), Thickness: 1.75 (4.5cm)

Technical Documentation

Instructions for mounting Model 48536 & Model 48548 Cockpit Side Coaming BolsterVinyl

Instructions for Mounting Cockpit Side Coaming Bolster - Premium White Quilted Vinyl

Replace or add comfort and padded protection to inside coaming wall area of any cockpit, especially fish boats!

Note: Before drilling any holes in your boat always check paper template against back of bolster and make sure pilot hole locations line up with centers of 1-1/4" holes in back of bolster. When properly mounted, top of bolster to center of mounting holes are approximately 2-1/4" and 2-3/4" respectively as shown in Figure (1).

Secure either* 36" or 48" bolster to gunwale coaming as shown in Figure (1) with use of paper template provided. Tape paper template in desired position where bolster is to hang and mark at point A of Figure (2) as shown, repeat for each hole desired location. Attach upholstery clip (B) fasteners to boat surface.

Insert top edge of each clip into 1-1/4" hole on back of bolster and push down and in place (See Figure (1)).

These bolsters are somewhat flexible by design and can be used around moderate curved areas in your boat.

*Both sizes can be used or abutted up to each other to accomplish desired coverage.

Cockpit Bolster Side
Side Coaming Bolster Front