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Gas Powered Trolling Motors

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Gas vs. Electric Trolling Motors

Gas Powered vs. Electric Powered Trolling Motors

So you're a fisherman? Well nothing beats strolling along on the water relaxing and doing your favorite thing, and that's looking for the big catch. You've got ... read more a boat that you're proud of, but you want to upgrade with a trolling motor. You are searching around and want to know what is best for your application - gas powered or electric trolling motors. offers both gas powered trolling motors and electric trolling motors. We offer smaller HP Hondas and Yamahas, and we offer electric trolling motors from Minn Kota and Motorguide. What should you get though? What are the benefits to electric and what are the benefits of gas powered? Well, that's what we try to tackle in this article so that you will know what will be best for you.

Let's first talk about gas powered trolling motors. These have some benefits for trolling, such as not having to power the battery on your boat. Your motor can go longer than the typical electric trolling motor. So if you're out on the water all day and want to troll for an extended period then gas powered might be for you. With gas powered trolling motors, you're only limited to how much gas you have on board. It can also provide you an option to put less work on your actual motor. Another nice option is if you're stuck and need to travel back a long distance the electric trolling motor can only take you so far, but that gas powered can go longer. There are benefits to electric though and let's go over that.

First thing that will jump out at you is the cost of an electric trolling motor from Minn Kota or Motorguide. You can spend just a few hundred dollars for a basic trolling motor rather than a small outboard. So if money is tight, you will want to look at the electric trolling motors. Some trolling motors have features that make it just as expensive as a gas powered trolling motor. Electric trolling motors have capabilities of hooking into your GPS system and fish finders. So that is a bonus to your trolling motor. The electric trolling motors are quieter as well and less prone to scaring off the fish. So if any of these reasons suits your needs, then you should go with an electric trolling motor.

There is nothing else to it, really. Now you know some of the reasons to get a gas powered or an electric trolling motor. You can browse to see some of the trolling motors we offer that will work for your needs. Happy boating and fishing to you!

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