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New 2013 Gator Trax Boats

New - 2013 - Gator Trax Boats

  • About Gator Trax Boats
  • About Gator Trax Boats

    At Gator Trax Boats, we are dedicated to building quality custom aluminum boats and other products that will stand up to the rigors and abuse that sportsmen will subject them to. At no time will we sacrifice quality of workmanship for any reason.

    Thanks for considering us to help you design YOUR next boat! Let me take a few minutes to tell you a little about what sets our hulls at BFC Marine apart from the traditional flat / Jon boat.


    1. 125 aluminum ONLY!

    You can rest assured that your Gator Trax hull will be made of .125 (1/8”) aluminum only. Not only will this be up to TWICE as thick as our competitor’s hulls, but it is made of 5086 alloy. The difference in 5086 and 5052 is tremendous. The 5052 alloy is easily manipulated, while the 5086 stands its ground. In short, if you intend to hit stumps, logs, or rocks, or if you intend to let your boat be run on mud flats, you will want 5086 alloy with .125 aluminum.

    2. Longitudinal bracing system

    Gator Trax hulls use a longitudinal bracing system. By this, I mean that all of our braces run from the transom to the bow, long ways with the length of the boat. No cross braces can be found in Gator Trax boats that actually touch the bottom of the boat. How does this benefit you? It prevents dents! The longitudinal brace allows the boat to flex between the ribs when you hit an underwater obstruction.

    3. Rounded, or “soft” chines

    Gator Trax hulls are made with rounded chines. This means that the hull is made of one solid piece of aluminum! The sheet is laid flat on a jig, all the components are set in place, and the jig grabs the “sides” and wraps (or rolls) the sides up around the inner components of the hull. No seams at all run the length of our boats. It is one continuous piece of aluminum from gunwale to gunwale.

    4. Angled transoms

    Gator Trax Boats use an angled transom to alleviate the above mentioned problems. Our transom is angled at the bottom so that when you push the boat backwards in mud or sand you have a much easier time moving the hull. It is almost like having a miniature rake in the back of the boat. In short, this transom was designed to use in shallow water situations.

    5. Smooth bottoms

    Gator Trax hulls are made without crimps on the bottom of your hull. Why? Because we don’t NEED them! They do not enhance performance in any way. As a matter of fact, as mentioned above, they have an adverse effect on performance.

    6. Airboat style rakes

    Gator Trax Boats use a rake that is patterned after the Louisiana airboat. This rake is long, sloping, and rises gradually over several feet of the bottom of the boat. This allows you to load the front end heavily with your gear and still get on plane and stay there! You also ride higher in the water for those days you encounter rougher seas. In addition, your acceleration from a dead stop is also increased. In short, this rake was designed for duck hunters, and more specifically, those using mud motors.

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