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New 2013 Gregor Boats

New - 2013 - Gregor Boats

  • About Gregor Boats
  • Finest in Aluminum Since 1964

    In 1964, Gregor Boat Company opened for business when it introduced an all-welded aluminum boat, constructed utilizing the THERMOTROL Welding System; a patented process created by George Gregory. That 13í boat was evolutionary and set a new standard of quality. The Standard of Excellence. Today, all-welded boats are considered the hallmark of a better boat. But welding alone does not mean you are getting a superior boat. A superior boat is a well designed boat, an engineered boat, a Thermotrol welded Gregor boat.

    Today, as in the beginning, each new model is thoughtfully designed and precisely engineered for maximum performance, low maintenance, durability, good looks and your safety. The designs and production procedures are continually scrutinized so that you receive the best possible. Our graduate engineering staff, combined with 50 years of designing and building aluminum boats, is your assurance of quality, craftsmanship, design excellence and superior engineering.

    The Standard Of Excellence

    Any boat is only as good as the company that stands behind it. Gregor Boat Company has been building the highest quality aluminum boats for 40 years. We are fully committed to the marine industry and to you, our customer. Ask a Gregor owner. Check with several local boat shops. Talk to people who know boats. They will tell you that the finest aluminum boats built are built by Gregor.

    Thermotrol Welding Process

    The superiority of welded construction is evidenced by the grow-ing number of welded boats available to the consumer today. But just welding is not enough, use of the Thermotrol Welding Process, reduces stresses which continue to perplex other welded boat manufacturers. Only Gregor boat can give you a consistently smooth, solid, one-piece unitized hull from guníle to guníle and stem to stern.

    Quality Control

    We have a commitment to build the highest quality aluminum boat available. By using a formal quality control program this commitment is assured. Prior to production each new model is fully tested for proper performance, endurance and appearance. We use only the highest quality material. High standards are also set for the production process. Our quality control program requires each boat to be inspected at every stage of production. The pride of our craftsman is evident in every boat we build. This means that you, as a Gregor boat owner, receive the finest quality product available.

    Welding the entire hull as one unit, eliminates the undesirable feature of rivets below the water line. And weíve been welding boats for 40 years! Our unique welding system reduces distortion and residual stresses which continue to perplex other welded boat manufacturers. The unitized hull of the Gregor is shaped for a smooth, dry ride with exceptional stability either at anchor or under way.

    A well designed bottom which is carefully produced will yield superb performance and efficiency. By virtue of the specific shape of the bottom, Gregor boat achieves maximum efficiency and performance without resorting to large horsepower required.


    A smooth, dry, efficient ride requires a properly designed bow. With its clipper bow and wide flaring sides up forward, where itís most needed, Gregor boats shed water out and away - away from passengers and gear. The sharp bow design attacks the water with less impact and spray.

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