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Choosing The Right Bait And Lures (Video)
A video from Pro Angler Tom Redington discusses locating bass on cloudy or sunny days and the type of bait and lures to use to catch that big one. Presented by Boys Lift Magazine. ... read more

You can see its a little cold out here today and overcast. But really for fishing and especially bass fishing what I really look for are the overcast and windy days. The lower the light, the less the fish can see your lures, the less they can see your flys. They really roam, they’re going to be on the hunt, and they’re going to be active. So spinner baits, crank baits, lipless rattle traps, all those type baits are great and you can catch a lot of fish.

Now if it gets sunny and calm, it’s going to be more enjoyable for you but it’s going to be tougher fishing. With the bright sunlight, fish try to ambush they get in the shade around cover so fish close to docks, laydowns, weed clumps or trees - anywhere in the shade. Get your bait really close to that cover, get it in the shade and you might be able to pull out a few fish.

So cloudy – fish are active, cover a lot of water. Sunny – get close to that cover, make those fish bite.

Anytime that I am pond fishing there are a couple of baits that I always use that are going to help me catch pretty much anything that swims in a pond. They’re usually feeding on small forge like minnows and a beetle spin is great for pan fish, sun fish, croppy, blue gill they are really suckers for the beetle spin. Throw it around the shoreline, clumps of weeds, boat docks, any laydowns and you are definitely going to find some jumbo pan fish or maybe even a big old bass.

And speaking of bass, a lipless crank bait – boy are they suckers for it. Bass are in ponds all across the country. Shiny ones on the bright days maybe a chrome. One like this, a minnow type pattern on a more overcast day – it’s going to catch some big old bass, a bunch of pan fish – anywhere you live.
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