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How to Catch Grouper & Snapper with a Fly Rod

Proven to out fish live bait 3 to 1! Make your next fishing trip your biggest success by using this hot new technique. for catching Grouper and Snapper with a Cortland fly rod. Developed by Captain Frank Piku, this new technique has been proven to out fish live bait 3 to 1. Come fishing aboard the Golden Streaker to catch sailfish, dolphin, tuna, wahoo, marlin, tarpon, grouper and snapper. Learn the basic techniques, fly rod & reel, rigging the fly line, stripping the line & the right bait to use. Subjects Covered Include: Basic techniques, Fly rod & reel, Rigging the fly line, Stripping the line, The right bait to use. Species Included: Snapper, Grouper, Sailfish, Dolphin, Tuna, Wahoo, Marlin, Tarpon

25 min