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Welcome to the world of inflatable boats. Take a break from everyday life and enjoy the easiest and the most economical way of discovering the pleasures of boating. We offer a large choice of inflatable boats to meet your needs along with engines from Honda and Yamaha.

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    Why an Inflatable Boat?

    Stability - Inflatable boats have several advantages over the conventional solid hull type boats. One of the main features is their stability. Because of their inflated tubes, they are almost impossible to overturn or to sink. They sit flat on the water’s surface and flex with the water movement. Because of their incredible buoyancy they are able to carry heavier loads safely.

    Stowability - Inflatable boats offer the ease of stowability. An 8 foot inflatable can easily be stored in a two foot by three foot bag, weighing about 80 pounds. Because of its storable size, it is easy to store your inflatable in a locker area of your boat, below deck or at home in your garage, shed or closet. They are ideal for taking them along when camping next to a lake or river.

    Performance – The development of inflatables have come a long way. Current designs offer greater lift and stability, creating less drag on the water. This technology requires less power and greater speeds to safely reach your destination in less time. They are highly maneuverable, making it easy to maneuver tight dock areas or landing on virtually any shore line.

    Types of Inflatable Boats

    Inflatable boats come is a variety of types and sizes, meeting almost any marine need. In deciding which boat would be best for you, determine how you will be using your inflatable. The following are the different types of inflatables and the needs they fulfill.

    A Yacht Tender – This is a flexible-use boat that is ideal for the first-time boater and is an all-purpose type of boat. They are usually six to nineteen feet long and are very safe and stable.

    V-Hull – This type of boat has either an inflated long tub or a wood keel, which is located beneath the floorboard, and allows the boat to slice through the water.

    Rigid-Hull – These inflatables come with a fiberglass hull which is mated to an inflatable collar, allowing a deep V-hull shape at the bow and then flattening toward the aft of the boat. You get the buoyancy of an inflatable, coupled with the handling aspects of a conventional
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    Zodiac Zoom 310 S w/ 15hp Yamaha
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    Zodiac Zoom 260 Aero w/ 5hp Honda
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    Zodiac Zoom 260 Aero Inflatable Boat
    Zodaic 310s w/8hp honda powered package

    Zodaic 260 Areo w/2hp honda powered package