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Rearming Kits How-To's

onyx rearming kit

Onyx Life Jacket Rearming & Repacking Instructions Overview (Video)

Instructions on how to rearm and repack an Onyx M24 life jacket, presented by Onyx. ... read more

Video Transcript

All Onyx Inflatable Life Jackets are designed to be field serviceable in the event of inflation. The Onyx M 24 Inflatable Life Jacket can be inflated by simply pulling the Jerk-to-Inflate handle. Should your Onyx Inflatable Jacket inflate, the user-friendly design ensures you can quickly and easily rearm your unit and put it back into service with its proper rearming kit.

All Onyx Inflatable Life Jackets are designed to be easily repacked after the proper installation of one of our rearming kits by following the instructions printed on the inflation chamber. Follow these instructions to rearm and repack your Onyx M 24 Inflatable Life Jacket following an inflation.

The M24 Life Jacket has a Manual Inflation Mechanism. A red indicator showing the services required, an inflation chamber with an oral inflation tube that can be used to inflate the life jacket, and protective fabric cover.

The first step in the rearming procedure is to remove the discharged CO2 cylinder. This is done by turning the cylinder counterclockwise until it is free from the inflation mechanism. Notice the hole at the bottom of the CO2 cylinder. Make sure you properly dispose of the used cylinder.

Next, deflate the inflation chamber. To release the air, remove the cap for the oral inflation tube. Turnover and depress the protrusion of the cap into the valve inside the tube. This will open the valve and allow air to escape.

With one hand depressing the valve in the oral tube, gently squeeze out all of the air from the chamber. When deflated, do not twist or ring the chamber. With all of the air out of the chamber, we can now rearm the inflatable life jacket.

For this life jacket, an Onyx m 24 Rearming Kit is required. The Rearming Kit includes a new CO2 cylinder and green indicator tab.

First, reset the inflator lever and insert the green indicator tab that was included in the rearming kit. With the green indicator tab in place, install the CO2 cylinder from the rearming kit

First, check the bottom of the CO2 cylinder and make sure there are no scratches or holes. Simply line up the threads of the cylinder with the threads of the inflator, and turn the cylinder clockwise. Secure firmly by hand.

Follow these instructions to repack your M 24 Life Jacket. To start the repack procedure, fold under the edge of the yellow inflation chamber. Fold the from over and match the hook and loop on the side of the cover. Press to secure the hook and loop.

Next, fold under the opposite side of the inflation chamber. Fold the front over. Match and secure the hook and loop. Next, fold under the top edge of the inflation chamber so it is inside. To complete the repack procedure, make sure the Jerk To-Inflate handle is readily accessible at the bottom of the life jacket.

That is it! We’ve now successfully rearmed and repacked the Onyx M 24 Inflatable Life Jacket. Onyx Inflatable Life Jackets: Because the most effective life jacket is the one you will want to wear!
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