• Contains Micro-Plates® for extra protection
  • Can be applied at temperatures down to 32°F (0°C)
  • Anticorrosive substrate primer for metals
  • Interprotect® 3000/3001was developed for spray application but can be brushed and rolled

A unique, high solids, two-part epoxy coating, developed to protect old and new fiberglass hulls from water absorption, which can lead to hull blistering.This product meets the most restrictive V.O.C. regulations in the country

Interprotect 3000/3001 is a high solids (80%) epoxy coating developed to protect old and new fiberglass hulls from water absorption which can potentially lead to hull blistering. Due to the high solids content of this product, it is possible to apply a complete barrier system and anti-fouling paint within a 2-3 day period.

Prevention is Better Than Cure
The importance of having a moisture-free hull cannot be overemphasized. The drier the laminate, the lighter the hull, the better the performance, the more efficient fuel use and the longer the gelcoat life. A boat hull that has absorbed moisture will also sit lower in the water than intended and will reduce the responsiveness of the boat.

The InterProtect® System was designed to repair hulls which have experienced gelcoat blistering. However, the best time to attack hull blistering is before it happens.

Taking preventative action before a problem occurs will greatly reduce the likelihood of an expensive repair and increase resale value. If you're buying a new boat, protect your investment with the InterProtect® System before it ever goes in the water!

InterProtect® is a unique two-part epoxy designed to reduce the potential of water absorption by fiberglass hulls. InterProtect® is unique among epoxies because it has Micro-Plates®, a protective barrier within its film to slow down water permeation. Technically, InterProtect® Micro-Plates® provide millions of overlapping microscopic plates that create a barrier similar to shingles on a roof. These overlapping Micro-Plates® eliminate any direct path for water migration and also improve the sag resistance of the epoxy making application easier.

Important Steps in the Repair of Gelcoat Blisters
1 Proper Preparation of the Gelcoat
This includes getting all of the antifouling paint off and removal of as much gelcoat as necessary to get the hull dry (i.e. the entire gelcoat or just small areas). A professional, who has looked at your boat, should make this determination.
2 Drying of the Hull
This is the most critical step in the process. If you do not get the hull dry it will re-blister. We recommend a comprehensive washing and drying procedure.
3 Application of Epiglass® HT9000 Resin
This solventless epoxy seals up the laminate and fills any cloth that has been voided of resin. This should be done before using fillers to fill the voids.
4 Application of Interprotect® 2000E or Interprotect® 3000
These epoxies are used as a water barrier to minimize the possibility of reoccurrence of damage.

Dry Times
32°F 41°F 59°F 73°F
Touch Dry 16 hrs 8 hrs 6 hrs 2 hrs
Hard Dry 48 hrs 20 hrs 10 hrs 4 hrs
Pot Life 8 hrs 5 hrs 4 hrs 2.5 hrs
Overcoated By Min. Max Min. Max Min. Max Min. Max
Fiberglass No Sand Primer 20 hrs 3 mo 10 hrs 2 mo 7 hrs 6 weeks 3 hrs 1 mo
Interfill 830 20 hrs 3 mo 10 hrs 2 mo 7 hrs 6 weeks 3 hrs 1 mo
Interfill 830 Fast Cure 20 hrs 3 mo 10 hrs 2 mo 7 hrs 6 weeks 3 hrs 1 mo
Interprotect 2000E 20 hrs 3 mo 10 hrs 2 mo 7 hrs 6 weeks 3 hrs 1 mo
Interprotect 3000/3001 20 hrs 3 mo 10 hrs 2 mo 7 hrs 6 weeks 3 hrs 1 mo
Note: Interprotect 2000E or Fiberglass No Sand Primer must be used prior to Antifouling paint.

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