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2014 Pelican Boats Summit 120 X

From its performance hull to features such as adjustable foot pegs, stern storage hatch, 4" day hatc ...

2014 Elie Kayaks Gulf 100 XE Angler

The Gulf 100 xe Angler answers the call of those who are looking for a higher performance fishin ...

2014 Jackson Kayak Cruise Angler 12

The Jackson Kayak Cruise Angler kayak fills a variety of niches. It is a great price point kayak for ...

2014 Shearwater Boats Meganser Single 15w

Meganser Single 15w The Merganser is designed for the paddler who wants the performance and light w ...

About Kayak Boats

Similar to a Canoe in that they are small and narrow boats, Kayaks differ slightly as they have a covered deck and are traditionally powered by a double bladed paddle, though modern kayaks have other propulsion methods. Kayaks come in a variety of sizes, the shorter ones are better for maneuverability and the longer ones are more adept for speed. The two main type of kayaks are sit in and sit on. Sit on kayaks are more for beginner or recreational kayakers.

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