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Life Rings & Buoys How-To's

How to interpret water buoys

How to Read Water Buoys and Markers

This video will explain to you the differences and meanings of common buoys found while out on the water. ... read more

Video Transcript

I tell you navigating waterways can be tricky at times. Red buoys and green buoys, and red and green buoys. It’s really important that if you’re out there you know what you’re doing. So that’s why I want to share this little video with you, which talk a little bit about the basics of navigation especially buoys and markers. Check it out.

Buoys and markers! Yellow paint isn’t going to cut it out here on the water, instead we use buoys and markers to mark the safe edge of waterways. You need to stay between those markers when entering a channel or heading out to sea. But that isn’t the whole story.

First off there are two main directions while boating; toward open water and away from it. Or if you’re on a river, upstream and downstream. And there are two main buoy colors that mark the edges of a channel; red and green. When you’re heading away from open water or upstream, remember the phrase red-right returning and keep the red even-numbered on your right. The green odd-numbered buoys will be on your left. As you return from open water or head upstream, the numbers will be increasing. And it’s the opposite when heading toward open water. Green odds on your right, red evens on your left. And the numbers will be decreasing as you head out.

So if you like that clip then you can see the whole video which is here at a site where you can get certified in boat safety. Also make sure you leave comments and thanks for watching, we see you next time.

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