The Lumishore Thru-Hull Color-Change Plus is designed for those owners who would prefer the integrity of thru-hull installation using the most powerful, efficient and cost effective underwater LED lighting systems on the market today.

Available in a variety of power levels the Lumishore Thru-Hull is suitable for many sizes and types of watercraft including Sports Boats, Cruisers, Yachts, and Super Yachts where a permanent hull fixture is required.

The Lumishore Thru-Hull Color-Change Plus is a desirable replacement fitting for existing underwater hull lighting systems, and is manufactured to the highest standards and is made from the finest marine grade materials.


  • Unique control over color and light intensity
  • DMX-enabled allowing the owner to create the ultimate 'Son et Lumiere' experience
  • Best LED Price Performance on the market.
  • Total Flexibility over installation and colour options.
  • Easily retro-fitted to existing installations.
  • Advanced driver/control design increasing integrity of system.


  • 3 channel multi-wavelength HICOB Array (60 watts per channel, Peak power 120 watts per device)
  • 6 preset colors : Blue. Cyan, White, Green, Magenta and Red
  • 4 Fish Attraction modes (mulitple color, frequency and rate)
  • Color Palette to create your own personaiised colours
  • Color cycle mode
  • High Voltage Range: 10-31 volts
  • DMX-enabled for integration with sound systems
  • Peak current (all channels set to max) 10Amps@12V