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    Quality, safety, durability, comfort and style are essential standard features on all Manitou pontoon boats. From deep inside its structure to its beautiful exterior, no corners are cut. Beautifully executed interior space, handsome exterior graphics and quality components provide the most pleasurable pontoon boating you can imagine.

    Visually inspect the overall attention to detail of the pontoon boat. Look at items such as welded joints, upholstery seams, and post-production add-ons that are a sign of poor planning and engineering. Manitou pontoon boats are renowned for superior design, luxurious appointments, and unmatched craftsmanship resulting in functional features and elegant aesthetics.

    We cut up a wall from one of our competitors who advertise using .090 gauge wall tubing. Even at the thicker ridge their wall was not .090 gauge. The thickest ridge is .080 gauge and as everyone knows material is only as strong as its weakest point, which is .060 gauge. This is just one example of deceitful advertising unheard of from Manitou boats.

    Every Manitou pontoon boat is welded by the best artisans in the industry. Compare our welds to any on the market and see the expertise and care in every Manitou boats weld. All rails are welded before anodizing and on every possible side, for maximum strength and a clean finish.
    Some of our competition welds after anodizing, which speeds up the manufacturing process but creates an inferior product.

    For superior construction all Manitou pontoon boats utilize extruded aluminum hat shaped crossmembers. They are referred to as hat shaped� due to the cross sectional profile. The two vertical sections provide twice the support of a conventional crossmember.

    Manitou boats uses fully integrated anti-spray nose cones. They are much stronger than welded on splash fins because they are integrated with the tube, not tacked on as an afterthought. That means they are harder to damage when docking. Unlike our fins, the non-integrated splash fins are easily bent, which allows water to spray into the boat when under power.

    Manitou pontoon boats have .160 inch� thick aluminum motor pod with splash shields that are supported by 5 cross members. The motor pod is bolted at 20 locations to hat shaped extruded cross members using 3/8 inch diameter stainless steel bolts and lock nuts. Many of our competitors use only 6-8 bolts total. With higher horsepower, heavier four stroke engines gaining popularity, this is the last place to cut corners during the manufacturing process.

    In our effort to obtain 100 percent customer satisfaction, Manitou boats contacts all of our pontoon customers to ensure that their time on the water is as trouble free as possible. One thing we have found that diminishes the boating experience is the under powering of the boat. Many customers choose smaller engines to fit into their budget. More often than not, they regret this choice once they have been on the water. When considering the motor for your Manitou Pontoon you should generally error on the high side.

    Underneath all Manitou pontoon boats furniture, you'll find double-wall, roto-mold bases that will hold up to even the toughest crowd! No wood is used in the seat base or bracket construction. Just the extra tough, high-backed, double-wall design for lasting durability and comfort. Very few of our competitors use or even offer the stronger, more durable double-wall seat frame. They use the structurally inferior single-wall furniture even on their most expensive boats. Only our entry level Aurora model has single-wall furniture.

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