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Watch Boating, Sailing & Fishing HOW TO Instruction Online (Video)
A video presentation of Bennett's How To Instructional Videos, to watch boating, sailing and fishing instructions, presented by Bennett Marine. ... read more

Video Transcript

Do you want to learn all about boating, sailing, fishing? How your GPS or fish-finder works. Are you tired of reading instructional manuals, frustrated of tying knots or tying yourself in knots every time you try and dock your boat? Now there’s an easy way to learn all your boating and fishing skills.

Here are the some of the things you can learn with Bennett Marine video and best of all it’s free. Racing and sailing, GPS marine navigation and piloting, boat maintenance, safety, power boat handling and seamanship, fresh-water fishing, celestial and electronic navigation, salt-water fishing, yacht racing, pinking and fiberglass, cruising and learn to sail.

Let our experts teach you the way they have taught hundreds of thousands of mariners worldwide and best of all it’s free. For nearly 30 years, Bennett Marine video has been showing lovers of the sea how to get out there and enjoy the water safely and confidently.
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How to Avoid Boating Accidents

How to Avoid Boating Accidents

This video talks about how to avoid boating accidents. ... read more

Video Transcript

Rob Nelson: Hello, everybody, it’s Rob Nelson here. Now, if you’ve ever been out on a boat on a really busy day you’re going to know that it can get crazy out there; boat zig-zagging all about and you want to make sure you’re avoiding accidents. Now, besides paying attention, here are a few tips that you can use to avoid those accidents, check them out.

Female: Hands on the wheel! That is one of the big causes of boating accidents. If you’re not paying complete attention and you’re the one operating the boat, you shouldn’t be moving at all. It’s totally natural to want to relax while cruising along on the water but it’s those lapses in attention that contribute to collisions. And rules are there for a reason so that everyone knows what they’re responsible for. So be sure to take complete attention and appoint someone else on board as your secondary lookout.

Know and follow the navigation rules. Use extra caution when making turns, heading into the sun’s glare, or boating at night. Watch and anticipate the actions of others on the water, swimmers, divers, fishermen, personal watercraft, other boats, you name it.

Rob Nelson: Now, if you like that clip, you’re probably going to want to see the whole video which you can do at it’s a great little site where you can get certified in boat safety and of course, everybody out there leave comments, we love to hear what you think of the video and the topic.

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About Boating DVDs
Simplify your life and add some enjoyment too with a boating DVD. Our marine videos (DVDs) library features over 400+ DVDs on a wide range of instruction and entertainment covering subjects such as fishing techniques, boat and motor handling and maintenance, how-to videos for Fish Finders and GPS-Chartplotters, sailing, cruising and more. Following complex directions, even with the assistance of a picture, can prove to be difficult - instructional videos help clarify these tasks into clear and easy to follow instruction. Give a friend, family member, or yourself a great marine boating video gift.


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