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Panther T4 Electro Steer (Video)
A video presentation on the Panther T4 Electro Steer by Marine Tech ... read more

Video Transcription

Hi I’m Jon Thelen. You know there are a lot of different accessories out on the market to steer your kicker motor. But I want to show you what I think is the best one. It's called the Panther T4 Elelctro Steer from Marine Tech. And what it actually does is it's a unit that is installed on my kicker motor and actually installed in my driveway in about an hour. And what it does is allows me to snap this steering arm on and actually drive from this wireless remote. Now it comes standard with a wired remote or you can get this wireless and this is the way to go.

Let me show you how this works. I’m going to snap this rod on here real quick, right there and right there. Now I'm going to put my motor in gear and it's as simple as this. I'm going to go fishing, but now I can go anywhere in the boat and I can actually steer that kicker motor and you can see it actually turning back here with just the press of a button. Now what this allows me to do are a couple of things. One is I can go all the way up to my steering wheel, I can move around my boat. I can go find things, if I need a pliers and jump in the bow I can still keep control of my boat. But number two and maybe most importantly to me is, if I got two guys in here and I've got a guy with the fish on back here. I can actually get up, nip that fish, do everything that I need to do and still keep control my boat. Because a lot of times we’re fishing in crowded situations or just plain and simple I want to keep that fish out of this motor and still be able to do my job with the net.

Panther T4 Electro Steer, it’s one of the neatest products on the market you can get it all your major retailers. Check it out at
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Panther T4 Electro Steer - Information and Installation (Video)
A video presentation on how to install a Panther T4 Electro Steer by Marine Tech ... read more

Video Transcription

The Panther T4 Electro Steer is a revolution in boat control. The T4 takes away the debate over tying your kicker motor to the main engine for steering or having a tiller steer motor. It gives you the best of both worlds. By attaching the quick connect steering bar to the motor I can now control the steering with the push of a button.

Add the wireless remote option and you can steer from anywhere in the boat. The wireless remote fits in the palm of your hand or hangs around your neck on the provided line here. The Panther T4 Electro Steer installs in minutes by simply screwing the T4 body to either side of the tilt tube of the auxiliary motor. The drive rod then treads in from the other side and the connecting arm is cut to length if needed. A quick disconnect is screwed onto both ends. The connecting arm then connects to the drive rod and the front of the motor. It literally takes seconds to transform your kicker motor from a tiller steer to the electro steer and back.

The Panther T4 Electro Steer makes trolling easier than it has ever been. It allows me to focus on multiple tasks within my boat while steering from any location. That makes me more efficient and will make your days on the water a lot more enjoyable.
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