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Sitex Marine EC7E GPS-Chartplotter/Fish Finder with External Antenna, C-Map max card & 7" Color Display; NMEA Network Compatible - Si-Tex
    EC7 7 HD WVGA Color LCD - External Antenna Video Input Quick-disconnect/flush mount Brilliant color LCD daylight viewable displays Ultra-fast …
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    Si-tex gps chartpolotter

    How to Use the Si-Tex with a GPS/Chartplotter (Video)

    How to identify targets on your GPS or chartplotter using AIS, and once identified, retrieving more detailed information regarding vessel type, location and movement. Presented by Boating Magazine. ... read more

    Video Transcript

    Okay, I'm going to show you on the menu a way to determine what each target color means. First, we go to the menu and we go to AIS. We hit enter, we go to AIS legend and we hit enter.

    Now, that'll bring up a legend and it will tell you what each one on the target colors mean. For example, yellow is a high-speed craft, green is a cargo vessel, dark red as a tanker, gray is an unknown target, and then we also have symbols for a search and rescue operation, helicopter and an aid to navigation.

    Well, there are several ways you can identify vessels you see on your chart plotter. One of the ways and probably the most convenient is to simply put the cursor over the target. And as you can see here, we put the cursor on the target and this is a vessel called the Empire State. It is a military vessel which is currently on anchor and laying at 332 degrees.

    Another way to get information on AIS targets is to go to your AIS menu, and go to report. Now, there's a list of vessels that are on the closest point of approach to you. For example, the Sandra Hugh. We can get full information on this vessel. It's a tug. It's currently traveling at 5.3 knots on heading of 58 degrees magnetic. It's underway using its engine and it is in Long Beach Harbor currently assisting another ship.

    Video courtesy of Boating Magazine. boatingmag.com.
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