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Video on how to tie your boat to the dock.

How To safely Tie Your Boat with Boat Ropes. (Video)

Watch this quick video and learn how to correctly tie your boat to the dock securely and safely.

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Video Transcript:

When you're approaching the dock and it's now time to tie up. Make sure your crew knows which side of the boat you intend to dock toward. Find a dock with plenty of room if it's not your own dock. Tie you bow line and stern lines first. Make sure your bow line is trending forward, your stern line is trending half that- this will help your boat from drifting. And then, use a spring line in the middle of your boat on the center cleat to also help the boat from drifting with the tide or the wind. When attaching your line to a boat to tie off. Be sure to put the eye end on the boat cleat and then the tag end of the line on the cleat on the dock. That way you can adjust the length of the line from the dock safely so the boat is parallel to the dock, close and tight to the dock with the bumbers at the right level and then encourage your crew to exit safely stepping off the boat, never jumping off the boat and onto the dock. Be safe and under control as you exit the boat.
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