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Solar Chargers How-To's

Tailgaiting with Solar Power

Solar Power Tailgating!

This is a great video going over all of the different ways that solar chargers come in handy while tailgating before the big football game.... read more

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Mellissa, from Power Film Solar. We’re here today to show you how to enhance your tailgate experience by hooking up our Solar Film technology. Let me show you how easy it is to hook-up the Solar to power your needs.

For today’s tailgate, we’re going to show you our Power Pack System. This system includes a Goal Zero Yeti 500, and our PowerFilm 60-watt foldable solar charger. Our 60-watt foldable is very durable, compact, and lightweight, weighing just over 3 pounds. Going from its folded state to unfolded is very quick, and easy.

The second part of the Power Pack System is the Goal Zero Yeti 500. The Yeti has two AC outlets, two USB outlets, a car charger outlet, and one solar input. To connect the Yeti to the solar, you just simply use the adapter that comes with the Yeti and plug into the solar input. You then use the RA16 accessory which does come free with our Solar Panel.

Take the RA16 and the Solar Panel dovetail and connect together. Once you plug in the RA16 to the Solar Panel the battery will show that you’re receiving the charge. Now that you have your Power Pack System set-up, you’re ready to plug in things like your TV, your phone, and any other accessories like coolers, and crackpots.

There are many advantages to using PowerFilm Power Pack System to power your tailgate. You don’t have to worry about running your car to make sure your car battery doesn’t die for running your electronics. Gas generator systems are big and noisy while Power Pack System is completely silent and very portable.

Crystal and Solar Panel Systems are not as compact or portable as PowerFilm 60-watt solar panel which can fold up and fit in the backseat of your car. The fumes that come out of other generators can stink up and bother other people around your tailgate. The Power Pack System is exhaust-free and very environmentally friendly.

Go out and enjoy a day of tailgating with friends and family with compact, easy-to-use Power Pack System that will enhance any tailgating experience. For more information on the Power Pack System and our full line of solar products, please visit our website at

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PowerFilm USB+AA Solar Charger

Solar Camping: PowerFilm USB+AA Solar Charger

This is a great video that is a live documentation of people being introduced and taught about how PowerFilm solar battery chargers works while deep in the mountains.... read more

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Mellissa, from Power Film Solar based at Ames, Iowa. And we’re here at Ledges State Park to introduce our solar products to some of the campers around here so they can stay connected while outdoor camping. Let’s get started.

Hi, Elise, I’m Melissa. How are you?


Good. And I’m also here with Kurt. And we’re going to talk to them about Solar. Have you ever used solar before?


Have you ever used Solar products before?

Speaker 4:

Have you ever used Solar before?

Speaker 5:

Have you ever used Solar Power before?

Speaker 6:
I have not.

You have not. All right, so what this is, is a small foldable charger. What it does is you lay it out in the sun, charges the two AA batteries right here. Right now, even with these wooded areas, and the cloudy day, it is charging those batteries, with that blinking light, that’s what it means.

So what you do, is you can plug in any USB adapter, go ahead and plug in the phone. There it goes.

All right.

Speaker 7:

Right now it’s charging.

Speaker 7:
That’s cool.

Speaker 5:
And this is a normal charger.

Yeah, that is a normal charger. So right now, it’s charging.

Speaker 5:

And there you go.

Speaker 8:
Oh! Cool! That’s awesome. My real charger doesn’t even do it that well.

And get that—

Speaker 9:
Yeah, it’s charging, yeah. So is it using the battery right now, or is it using the solar?

It’s actually using the battery. So what you can do is fold it on up, it’s going to keep charging.

Speaker 9:

So you can just throw it in your backpack, go hiking, stay out—as you’ve seen from the campers we spoke with, the portability and ease of use of the Power Film USB +AA Solar Charger is just one of our great solutions that we offer at Power Film to keep your electronics charged while you’re off-the-grid. For more information about the USB +AA Solar Charger, and our full line of products and accessories from Power Film, connect with us online and visit our website at

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