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How to Report a Boating Accident

The United States Coast Guard requires boaters, in the case of death, injury, or property damage, to file an accident report. This requirement ensures that ... read more these matters will be attended to and resolved. Different standards apply depending on the circumstances. For matters involving death, disappearance, or critical injury of a passenger must be filed within 48 hours of the incident. If the injury is successfully treated with a first aid kit on board, then a report does not need to be filed. For accidents that result in damage to the vessel, the report must be filed within ten days of the occurrence in order to receive assistance.

You will submit these reports to state authorities, describing where the accident occurred, how it happened, and who was all involved in the incident. It is crucial that you report accidents to the proper authorities in order to get the problem resolved right away. You are required by law as set by the U.S. Federal government to file a report under these given circumstances. Be safe and be responsible—avoid accidents whenever possible, but be vigilant in filing reports when the occasion calls for it.

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