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  • iboats.com review of Marquis Yachts; Manufacture of Marquis Yachts and Pleasure Boats

    A name brand in pleasure boats and global-class yachts since the early 1800's Marquis has incorporated skilled craftsmen to build the worlds finest yachts and ships. All the builders work together with a unmet experience and passion for their passion of building the quality yachts. This has earned Marquis the recognition from yachtsmen throughout the world as being superior in styling their boats and having superior design and construction.

    To ensure the quality in your yacht from Marquis nearly all of the sub components and critical systems are put together in-house. Typically big yacht companies will hire outside companies to handle upholstery, cabinetry and other critical components. Marquis however prefers to handle this to give their customers a distinctive unmatched style and fit to give the best quality and operational reliability.

    Marquis Yacht owners are set apart from the rest in their choice of quality and excellence. In addition to meeting ABYC standards Marquis exceeds the certifications to CE-Class A specifications. Which means that your yacht meets some of the highest standards in the world for quality set by the European Union and is built to be used with confidence on any body of water throughout the world. A well equipped and beautifully styled boat that is able to cruise any body of water is the guarantee from Marquis Yachts.

    America's most experienced and meticulous yacht builders, construct their yachts with a quality that is impeccable. A prestige that has been acknowledged by yacht enthusiasts all over the world. The Marquis name has come to represent pride of craftsmanship in a world class, premium quality yacht. A solid package no matter what model you decide to go with Marquis Yachts will make you a proud boat owner and anyone who comes on board lucky to enjoy the ride.

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