Take It To The Limit

Treacherous stump fields. Tangled weedbeds. Punishing wind and waves. Big fish pose big challenges. This power plant delivers to the unrelenting thrust and rugged, dependable construction that takes trolling motor performance to the edge - and keeps it there until the livewell is full and the scales are in your favor.


Edge foot control models are equipped with our highly responsive foot pedal for the ultimate in control, along with a host of other "Advantage Minn Kota" features. Available in 70-, 55-, 45- and 40-lb thrust levels, with shaft lengths in 36", 45", 50" and 52".

Rock-Solid Mount

Tempered, marine-grade extruded aluminum provides a mount that is both super strong, yet lighter in weight. Positive rear stow latch provides rock-solid stowing for rough water runs. Latch & Door design makes removing your motor easy and features a soft grip knob.

Directional Indicator

An easy-to-read directional indicator is built into the top of the motor head on Edge foot control models. You'll spend more time scanning the water and less time worrying about your trolling motor.

Reliable, Responsive Steering

Edge puts you in complete control. Ergonomically designed foot pedal for all-day comfort. Heel/toe action provides reliable, responsive cable steering.

Shaft Length Selection Guide

Measure down from the mounting surface of the bow to the water level*. Use this measurement and the table below to find the appropriate shaft length.
Bow to Waterline Recommended Shaft Length
0" to 10" 36"
16" to 22" 42" to 45"
22" to 28" 48 to 52"
28" to 34" 54" to 62"

*Add 5" to waterline measurement for fishing in rough water. Optimal operating mode is with engine trimmed all the way down.

Thrust Selection Guide

Total Boat Weight Motor Thrust
Up to 2100 lbs 30 lbs
Up to 2520 lbs 36 lbs
Up to 2800 lbs 40 lbs
Up to 2940 lbs 42 lbs
Up to 3080 lbs 44 lbs
Up to 3360 lbs 48 lbs
Up to 3500 lbs 50 lbs
Up to 3850 lbs 55 lbs
Up to 4550 lbs 65 lbs
Up to 5180 lbs 74 lbs
Up to 7070 lbs 101 lbs