i-Pilot's GPS technology integrated into trolling motor provides unprecedented boat control and flexibility. System components include control box cover and remote. Easy installation: simply replace the existing motor cover with the i-Pilot cover. PDV2 models, i-Pilot replaces the foot pedal. On Terrova, i-Pilot and a foot pedal can be used simultaneously. Features inlcude: Record a Track - Press the record button and troll a section of water. i-Pilot will record the track to memory. To retrace the stored track, hit the start or end button and i-Pilot will steer the boat along the same path. Spot-Lock - Works like an electronic anchor, holding the boat in place with the push of a button. Advanced AutoPilot - Instead of compass, i-Pilot uses GPS technology. Cruise Control - Uses GPS to maintain actual "on the water" MPH rather than trolling motor speed. Ideal for bait presentation when trolling. CoPilot - Wireless manual control using standard CoPilot functions. i-Pilot includes a full LCD screen handheld remote with neck lanyard and carabiner.