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  • iboats Review of Mochi Craft: Manufacturer of Cruiser Motoryachts

    Mochi Yachts manufacturers motoryachts that range between 44 to 74 feet in length and provide several different advantages in mechanics and interior design. These yachts meet a standard that exceeds the expectations of boaters all over the nation, particularly with the advanced steering system and the exquisite layout of the cabin below deck. The captain ultimately has complete control behind the wheel with modern yacht technology and the FER.WEY (Ferretti Wave Efficient Yacht) and SteerCommand systems installed by Mochi Yachts directly. Motoryachts are rarely built with such high-profile features; any yacht owner would agree that manufacturers at Mochi Yachts go out of their way to build yachts that are easy to maintain, as well as create an interior that will make boaters feel as if they are at home on the water.

    The FER.WEY and SteerCommand systems that are included by Mochi Yachts are excellent tools that will grant the captain more freedom and control over the helm and to steer their yacht safely. The FER.WEY system helps improve the condition of the hull, which will also prolong the life of the propeller and protect it from serious damage. Simultaneously, the SteerCommand improves the overall speed and performance, and enhances the captain's ability to maneuver the yacht when mooring, giving him or her better control with more active feedback through the helm. Mochi manufacturers put a great deal of focus into the steering component of their yachts, primarily because people spend more time behind the helm than any other area of the yacht. Boaters will feel reassured steering a Mochi yacht with these advanced systems, and will feel that they have complete control.

    The interior design of various Mochi yachts will also catch a prospective yacht owner's eye with the hardwood floors, teak carpentry, and comfortable beds and leather seating. These yachts are ideal for family and friends who want to cruise at a decent speed with the sense of home style living on the water. Along with the advantage of being completely furnished, there are entertainment centers included in the main room for all to enjoy. Yacht owners are highly encouraged by Mochi Yachts to be involved in the designing process so that they are able to contribute their personal opinion so that their yacht is designed the way they wish it to look. Boaters will feel entertained as well as safe aboard a Mochi yacht, guaranteeing a fun-filled weekend getaway for the whole family.

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