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Model Planes

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Desktop Fokker Triplane - Authentic Models
Desktop model of the legendary Red Baron’s own plane. Decked out in trademark red, all details. Icons of early flight.
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Art Deco Flight Clock
An exact reproduction of a 1930s Art Deco flight clock. Hand cast airplane aluminum, polished. Nostalgic and chic.
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Flying Circus Jenny, Medium - Authentic Models
Jennies conquered the nation after the close of WWI. Stunts, sightseeing by the half hour, postal, even circus flights taking off… True …
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Jenny JN-7H Classic Barnstorme - Authentic Models
Authentic Models Jenny Classic Barnstorme The Flight Collection from Authentic Models is truly unique. Exquisite models and artifacts of early …
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Zeppelin, 1937 - Authentic Models
Fabric stretched over lightweight frame. Hand built, 600 glued joints. Dramatic and historical. Golden age of travel.
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Spirit Of St. Louis, 50cm
Detailed model of the one that Charles Lindberg soloed across the Atlantic. Take a peek through windows into a detailed cockpit.
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Sopwith Camel, Small
Incredibly detailed desktop Sopwith Camel. Spoke wire wheels, rotary engine, laminated propeller, WWI livery.
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Sopwith Camel, Medium
In the hands of experienced pilots they were good for close combat. The Sopwith Camel and the Sopwith Pup were famous and popular planes, their …
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Flight Mobile, 1920
Stainless steel wires and nylon line keep planes in constant graceful motion. Fun interior décor, kid’s room and den, will survive the …
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Around the World Mobile
Three planes that wrote history. The Lockeed Vega 'Winnie Mae' set records flying around the world in 1931. The legendary PanAm Cina Clipper was the …
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List price: $84.99
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10 Items
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