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New 2013 Monterey Boats

New - 2013 - Monterey Boats

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    During the past two decades, Monterey Boats has established itself as a true frontrunner when it comes to designing, developing, engineering, and building superior boats for the conscientious marine consumer. Much of our success can be attributed to the fact that Monterey is an independently owned and family operated company. This promotes quick reaction to market conditions, efficient decision-making and implementation, as well as a hands-on approach to the process of new product development as well as customer relations. When you purchase a Monterey you are not just a new customer, you are considered to be a new family member. This mentality, along with a true passion, tenacity and determination, has helped Monterey Boats to become the fastest growing name in the boating world.

    Today, Monterey is a Florida-based company that is constantly evaluating and investing in new procedures, technology and facilities. An example of this is a new 220,000 square foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility addition to complement our existing production plants. This new addition was fueled by the large demand for our boats, and it allows Monterey�s greatest asset: our human resources and their work, to excel by operating in a progressive, safe and comfortable environment. We openly invite you to call and arrange for a guided tour. Monterey also stays abreast of current cutting-edge computer software applications that we can incorporate into our future development. We also have established on-site prototype and revelation testing facilities. This allows our in-house team of designers and engineers to plan, constantly test and evaluate all phases of bringing future models to market. This system of checks and balances ensures that you will be buying a boat that has met and exceeded our stringent requirements. We pride ourselves on our ability to combine all of the ingredients that are necessary in order to be a benchmark in today�s competitive environment: new standards in safety, performance, high styling, ergonomics and luxury are incorporated into each and every Monterey.

    In order to maintain the highest possible customer loyalty, Monterey Boats, and our global dealer network have strongly committed to a long-term customer satisfaction focus. Monterey�s authorized worldwide dealer network is well trained in product knowledge and after-the-sale service. We consider this commitment to be critical to our controlled growth and success, but most importantly it ensures a path of ongoing boating enjoyment for you and your families.

    At Monterey we are always looking for ways to enhance and refine our company�s success. Our entrepreneurial spirit dictates an unquenchable desire to peer into the future, think beyond boundaries, blaze a path with integrity and forge ahead with confidence. We will always provide you with consummate products and service that will make you a gratified and loyal Monterey family member. All this and more translates into a company that is a leader and will continue to be a leader. This is why Monterey is more than a boat. It�s a way of life.

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