The MotorGuide Freshwater Edition Trolling Motor Hand Control is designed to be mounted on the bow. Its column is constructed of high-quality metal to resist breakage while trolling at high speeds in shallow water.

The hand control comes with Gator Flex mounting isolator and extending twist tiller. The isolator is designed to protect the shaft from underwater objects and provides 360° breakaway protection. Thanks to the 3-blade Machete prop, this hand control lets you steer the boat shallower, faster and quieter by pushing the weeds away from the boat.

  • 360-degree mount
  • HyperDrive Lower unit with built-in weed ring
  • 3-blade Machete prop for quiet, weed-free performance

Features of Bow-mount Trolling Motors Hand Control

  • Quiet, smooth operation lets you get closer to the fish
  • High-quality metallic column


  • Manf. Part # 923410020
  • Shaft length: 50"
  • Voltage rating: 36V
  • Maximum motor thrust: 105 lbs
  • Type of mount: Gator Spring HB 21

Model Shaft Length Volts Speeds Max Thrust Steering Control Mount Location Mount Transducer
923410020 50" 36 Variable 105 Hand Bow Gator Spring HB 21 No