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  • At Correct Craft History has been our building block
    In the history of any major industry, one name stands out as the driving force behind its very existence. In ski and wakeboard boats, that name is Walter C. Meloon, the founder of Correct Craft. In 1925, when "W.C." built his very first runabout, it was more than a handcrafted boat. It was 14 feet of American ingenuity. Over the next 84 years, the manufacturer of Ski Nautique became known for delivering superior quality product, cutting-edge technology and exceptional service experiences. Today, the company lives and works by the same philosophy first established by its founder: build the absolute best, world-class towboats and build them to the "Glory of God."

    Moving the industry forward is what we do best at Correct Craft
    Correct Craft is synonymous with competitive water skiing and wakeboarding. Our list of industry firsts hasn�t just advanced water sports, it revolutionized them. And in 2010, innovation keeps Correct Craft way out in front.

    Correct Craft All-New Windshield Design
    Correct Craft is proud to introduce the most advanced windshield design to the towboat market. It provides cleaner exterior styling and a functionally ornamental deck sculpture that is instantly recognizable from any distance as a Correct Craft.

    Correct Crafts Hydro-Gate
    Ski Nautique boats put you in control of the wake using our patented Hydro-Gate system. The gate itself is a stainless steel plate that controls the flow of water out of the dispersion tunnel. The system�s exclusive SPORTSHIFT lets you change the gates position, controlling wake size and shape right from the cockpit, matching the needs and skill levels of individual skiers and wakeboarders.

    Correct Craft Launch Control System
    This Correct Craft wake-altering system allows you to fill and drain your tank in less than four minutes. The Helm area of the Correct Craft provides you with Port, Starboard and Belly ballast tank gauges that are conveniently located for easy viewing.

    Correct Craft Flight Control Tower Series
    The most distinguishing feature of a wakeboard boat is the tower and Correct Craft invented it. Back in 1997, the Air Nautique - our very first dedicated wakeboard boat - featured our revolutionary and patented Flight Control Tower. It brought the sport of wakeboarding to new heights, and is still the sport�s best design.

    For 2010, Correct Craft is proud to introduce the new patent pending Flight Control Tower 3 (FCT3). This is our lightest tower ever. Totally, custom, it�s made of polished aluminum with a protective clear coat finish, with integrated spinner board racks and 180-degree rotating speakers. Two locking arms release the tower and allow the operator to easily fold it forward. Correct Craft has done it again raising the bar for its competitors.

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