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Importance of Wearing a Life Jacket while Wakeboarding (Video)

Professional wakeboarder Chad Sharpe explains why boaters should always wear life jackets when out on the water. Presented by Boating Magazine. ... read more

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chad Sharpe. I have been a professional wakeboarder for 13 years. I get paid to travel the world, compete and promote wakeboarding. I’m here for the Water Sports Foundation to talk to you about wearing a life jacket. Even though I am a pro rider I take the same precautions as any smart recreational rider.

A couple of years ago in our off-season I went out to take a ride and didn’t have a vest in the boat. I was out riding and just doing basic tricks and I was just doing a trick that I do every single day: a backside 540 and caught my edge real hard. I didn’t go unconscious or anything. I was upside down looking up at the top of the water with my feet still in my binding, and I’m like “All right you know that one really hurt, I got to swim up to the top”. My whole body is not moving and I kind of started panicking. And you know I can’t move my hands, I can’t get to the top. Luckily I had a full breath. And I knew the boat was coming back around and my board was still on top.

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