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  • About Ocean Yachts
  • About Ocean Yachts

    In 1977 Jack Leek launched Ocean Yachts with the company's first boat — a 40' sport fisherman to which our 25th anniversary New Generation 40 Super Sport paid tribute. But Jack was not the first Leek to build boats in New Jersey. In fact, Leeks have been building and launching them in the historic Mullica River since 1721.

    Ocean Yachts heritage reaches as far back as the original American colonies. Leek-manufactured vessels helped develop our coastal and river trade, create a rich fishing industry, battle pirates and privateers, intercept rumrunners during Prohibition and German U-boats in World War II. We can justly say that the Leek family's involvement in the American maritime industry is as old as the industry itself.

    C. P. Leek, for example, pioneered the U.S. pleasure craft industry in the 1920s. Later in the century, his Pacemaker line became the most sought-after production powerboats on the market. C. P. was the father of Ocean Yachts’ founder Jack and the grandfather of our current President, John E. Leek III. C. P.’s sons and grandsons would produce some of the world's finest luxury sport fishing and cruising yachts.

    Today’s Ocean Yachts may have little in common with those early Leek vessels, or even with C. P.’s revolutionary Pacemakers. But they express — in fiberglass instead of wood — the same spirited determination to produce the highest quality yachts in the world.

    It is this resolve that has made Ocean Yachts the world's largest producer of quality-built Super Sports, Sport Fish, and Odyssey models in the 40' to 73' class. Our yachts are valued by thousands of owners — running in all the world's great seas — for their unbeatable combination of performance, speed, power, luxury, styling and durability. Boats that appeal to serious sport fishermen and devoted pleasure cruisers, alike.

    A Tradition of Innovation

    Since the beginning, we have led the pleasure craft industry in the introduction of exciting innovations — in speed, performance, comfort and value. It is this — together with our contemporary styling — that has made Ocean Yachts the world's premier production yacht builder in its class in little more than a quarter of a century.

    Innovations like:

    Breaking the 30K barrier in our first 40 Super Sport in 1977, using less horsepower than competitive models.

    Breaking the 40K barrier in our 53 Super Sport in 1994.

    Incorporating smaller, lighter, more fuel-efficient engines for increased range, speed and performance.

    Backing every Ocean Yacht with a Five-Year Limited Structural Warranty on Hull. Five-Year Engine and Generator Limited Warranties are extended by respective manufacturer. Including standard equipment in the base price.

    Introducing sleek, European modeling to American production yacht design, a look considered by yacht connoisseurs today as the definitive in classic American styling.

    Using the modular construction techniques of volume boat builders to realize substantial production economies, unbeaten delivery times and prices, and optimum structural integrity.

    Creating more livable space than that found on any competitive model with our award-winning "over/under" design. Reconfigured below-decks area provides increased uniform headroom, living space and storage.

    Introducing an entirely new luxury yachts class - the Ocean Yachts Odyssey series, combining Super Sport speed and performance with Motor Yacht amenities.

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