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  • iboats Review of Osagian Canoes: Manufacturer of Osagian Canoes and Kayaks

    Osagian Canoes manufactures aluminum canoes that are strong in material and light in weight. They are welded with keels that are one inch thick. These vessels range between 15 and 18 feet in length and are available in many different colors. Although Osagian primarily manufactures canoes, they do sell a few different kayak models as well that are built with the standard length of 12 feet. Each Osagian canoe/kayak has a fine powder-coat finish that are available in a variety colors such as red, yellow, green, blue, and even camoflauge. Furthermore, Osagian canoes can seat up to three passengers (depending on the model) and include stainless steel grab handles that are located in both the bow and the stern areas.

    Osagian canoes and kayaks include a number of accessories and cosmetic features. Some of these features include removable seats, oarlock sets, built-in storage, trailer storage boxes, beverage holders, and so on. Canoe owners have the option of purchasing extra paddles at a reasonable price and that come in three color options: red, white, and black. These paddles are made with high quality polypropylene materials. Osagian also offers life jackets, utility cushions, and tires/wheels as separate accessories for canoe owners to invest in. Osagian strives to take every detail into consideration so boaters have access to every necessary accessory.

    Osagian canoes and kayaks are the ideal vessel for small groups of friends and family members to enjoy a day rafting down the river or cruising across the lake. Since these canoes and kayaks are made of aluminum materials, they are guaranteed to last for a longer period of time than any other material. There are Osagian dealers located all over the United States, willing and ready to help boaters find a canoe that will best suit their needs, as well as assist current Osagian canoe owners with any inquiries. Canoe aficionados will be impressed with the comfort and quality of a an Osagian canoe/kayak for many years to come.

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