Above Deck Seasense Outboard Portable & Topside Fuel Tanks

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SecureStack Tie Down Kit - Seasense
    SeaSense SecureStack tie down kit includes: (2) 68" nylon straps (4) Stainless steel strap tie downs (8) Stainless steel mounting screws
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    SecureStack Self-Ventilating Cap w/Gauge - Seasense
      SecureStack Self-Ventalating Cap W/Gauge. cap with out gauge part number 50052001
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      Boating Know How
      Marine Portable Fuel System

      Portable Fuel System by Atwood

      An introduction to Attwood's portable fuel system. ... read more

      Video Transcript

      I am Brian Scott with Attwood's New Portable Fuel System. Attwood's New Portable Fuel System consists of three things. These are our new tanks, low permeation primer bulbs and fuel demand belts.

      Our tanks are just like your automotive fuel system today. Best of all they don't allow hydrocarbons to permeate, which means that fuel doesn't evaporate from your tank. It stays in your tank ripple lines and saves you gas and money in the long run.

      Our primer bulbs do the same thing. It's keeping evaporative emissions from escaping into the atmosphere. At the end of the day, our fuel demand belt, which is a brand new product helps keep your engine running smoothly by not allowing pressurized fuel to reach the engine that's making your engine flood. It's going to help your day in the water.

      There are going to be excellent products from Attwood. We look forward to seeing you at the docks. Thanks!
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