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How to take care of a PWC Cover

How to Take Care of PWC Covers

Although boat covers are made with different fabrics and materials that range in durability and strength, any cover can last even longer than estimated if it is ... read more taken care of properly. Follow these simple guidelines below, and you can have a cover that will live for several more months or even years:

1. Make sure the cover has plenty of support, so water and other materials do not collect on the fabric. Water collecting on your cover could result in tearing or mildew/mold taking place in the fabric fibers. PWC models may not need much extra support (poles, straps, etc.), but if you think your particular model may need additional support, does carry all kinds of support poles and miscellaneous products.

2. To avoid any accidents while trailering, make sure your cover is tight and secure around your PWC and trailer. Try to avoid using bungee cords; using bungee cords could potentially scratch up the boat's finish and may not keep your cover strapped down tightly enough. Use heavy-duty tie down straps similar to the ones that we sell on our site

3. Exercise precaution in adding padding/protection around stress points. On many boat styles, boaters are required to add reinforcement patches to protect their covers from windshield corners to prevent tearing. Though windshields may not always be a relevant concern for PWC owners, there are plenty of areas on a PWC that could present an issue when fabric tearing is possible.

4. Regularly wash your cover if it does get dirty. But do not just wash your cover with only water. The best thing to do is, mix lukewarm water with natural soap and wash the cover every so often. Make sure you rinse thoroughly and let it air dry. NEVER machine-dry your cover, this could potentially cause it to shrink. Also, if you plan on storing away your cover when you are not using, make sure it is perfectly dry, in order to prevent mildew build up.

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