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PWC Steering and Stopping Techniques

PWC Steering and Stopping Techniques

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Let's look at how a personal watercraft operates. Water is drawn into the pump housing where an impeller pressurizes the water and forces it out a nozzle at rear of the craft; pushing the vessel forward. Stay clear of the stirring nozzle when it's operating. Its high velocity water jet can cause severe internal injuries. For this reason, anyone riding a personal watercraft should wear a wetsuit or other clothing that provide similar protection.

On all personal watercraft, the nozzle is also the stirring mechanism. You stir by changing the direction of the nozzle. And on this type of vessel, you need power to stir. If you allow the engine to return to ideal or shut off while you're in the process of maneuvering; you will lose all stirring control. You'll just keep going in the direction you were headed before you lost power.

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