Perfect Bungee, Loop Ends from Just Ducky Products

The most versatile cord you'll ever purchase! These Perfect Bungees with Loop ends are useful in a wide variety of tie down applications. Nylon end won't scratch or gouge your boat. These are the Perfect Bungees.

  • Made completely of polyurethane, no rubber.
  • Will withstand salt water, oil, ozone and more chemicals than you can shake a stick at.
  • Stretch range up to 2x the original length

Polyurethane material make the bungees so they won't crack, break, become brittle, or scuff.


  • Built to last with Polyurethane material
  • Molded nylon hook on one end with a loop on the other.
  • Guaranteed for life against manufacturer defects when used as directed

Specifications for PC30LEBL Loop End Cord
Length: 30"
Color: Blue

Specifications for PC30LEL Loop End Cord
Length: 30"
Color: Purple

Specifications for PC30LER Loop End Cord
Length: 30"
Color: Red