• Eliminates the need to sand before applying antifouling paint.
  • Recommended over vinyl ester and other blister resistant gelcoats where sanding is forbidden.
  • Longer 'tacky time' for improved recoatability.

Eliminates the need of tedious tasks of sanding by creating a chemical bond between the fiberglass surface and the first coat of paint. Use above and below the waterline.

Compatible with all Pettit topside and anti-fouling paints including vinyls and copolymers. *Do Not apply Sandless Prep Coat to a sanded fiberglass surface. Poor adhesion can occur. Please follow dry time estimates as this product is sensitive to dry time and temperature.

Approx. Gallons of coverage: 600 sq. ft.

Pettit 6999 Sandless Primer is a pre-treatment primer designed to adhere tenaciously to unsanded fiberglass gelcoat. When properly topcoated with antifouling paint, the primer and antifouling will bond together strongly, resulting in a finish with excellent overall adhesion. Sandless Primer is ideal over vinyl ester gelcoats, where sanding of the gelcoat may void osmotic blister warranties. It may be used over conventional gelcoats as well, and as a tie coat between two part epoxy primers and antifouling paints.

Shake or stir the 6999 Sandless Primer thoroughly. Apply one thin, continuous coat by brush or short nap roller only. Do not spray. Monitor the drying of the 6999 Sandless Primer carefully. The dry times listed here are only estimates. Humidity, ventilation, film thickness, as well as temperature can all affect the rate at which the 6999 Sandless Primer cures. Read and understand the application and topcoating instructions on the reverse side carefully before applying the 6999 Sandless Primer. For larger boats, or on hot, humid days, it may be advisable to section the boat and apply the primer and antifouling to each section rather than the whole boat at once.

Surface preparation in a no sand antifouling system is of critical importance. All surfaces to be painted, regardless of age, should be scrubbed with detergent and water and then rinsed thoroughly. Allow to dry and then dewax thoroughly with Pettit 95 Fiberglass Dewaxer. Vinyl Ester gelcoats or resins should be dewaxed at least three times prior to applying 6999 Sandless Primer. All surfaces should be completely free of all wax, mold release agents, and other contaminants. Failure to properly prepare the surface will result in flaking and peeling of the primer and/or antifouling paint.

Drying Information 50-65 Degrees F 65-80 Degrees F 80-95 Degrees F
Touch Dry (ISO) 2 hours 1 hours 1/2 hour
Tack-Free 4 hours 3 hours 2 hours

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