• Ultra lightweight magnesium body, rotor, and sideplate
  • Lightweight double anodized aluminum spool with carbon arbor
  • 9 stainless steel ball bearings
  • XCR bearings in key locations
  • Instant anti-reverse bearing

  • Solid aluminum bail wire
  • Sure-click™ bail provides an audible signal when bail is fully opened and ready to cast
  • Anti-twist titanium coated line roller
  • Lightweight carbon handle
  • Durable EVA knob
  • Solid titanium main shaft
  • Sealed carbon drag system
  • Convertible left or right hand retrieve
  • Spring loaded line clip
  • Neoprene protective bag
  • Aluminum spare spool
  • On/Off anti-reverse

    Lightweight Carbon Arbor Aluminum Spool
    The specially designed carbon arbor spool allows for maximum weight reduction without sacrificing strength.

    Titanium Main Shaft
    The titanium main shaft is 43% lighter and 30% stronger than a comparable stainless steel main-shaft.

    Magnesium Body, Rotor & Sideplate
    Specially coated magnesium reels allow for a lightweight design, without sacrificing strength or durability.

    XCR Bearing System
    Provides up to 10x greater corrosion resistance than stainless steel ball bearings while delivering a smooth, frictionless feel.

    Sealed Carbon Drag System
    A sealed Carbon drag system stops the intrusion of water and debris, while providing smooth consistent drag pressure throughout the entire drag setting.

    Carbon Handle with EVA Knobs
    The Pflueger carbon handle design is 21% lighter than a comparable aluminum handle design, without sacrificing any strength.