Crafted for Pop-up Campers. ENDURACover RV Covers provide a breathable, reliable fit - protective, sleek, and durable. Our Pop-up Camper covers are affordable and suitable for long-term storage and daily use.

How to Measure - Get the Best Fitting RV Cover
  • Measure your Pop-up Camper from front-to-rear, and box length only - not deployed length
  • Do not include tongue length, spare tire, hitch or propane tanks - our covers are made to accommodate these items
  • Order the ENDURACover RV Cover that matches your Pop-up Camper size. If your measured Trailer size falls between our Trailer cover sizes, order the next larger size
  • Our RV covers are made to accommodate standard rooftop accessories
  • Our RV covers fit up to 90-inch wide Pop-up Camper Trailers
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