The QL Boat Trim System is a patented boat trim system which will set new standards for trim systems. Thanks to the water intercept technology used by the system, you get a smoother ride and quicker to plane. The new trim system has all the same performance qualities as conventional trim tabs plus the additional benefit of quicker response, less drag and smaller dimensions. Unlike conventional trim systems that use hydraulics the new QL Boat Trim System is operated electronically.

The main components of the system are:

  • Interceptor units.
  • Control panel.
  • Control unit.
  • Plug-in cable harnesses.

  • Easy, safe and exact manoeuvring.
  • Less drag.
  • Quick response.
  • Built in trim sensor.
  • Push button control panel with LEDs for precise trim indication.
  • Automatic retraction of the blades to reduce the risk of damage and growth.
  • Electrical actuator, no hydraulics needed.
  • Electric components "sealed for life".
  • Designed for several helm stations.
  • Composite material, no corrosion.
  • Quick and easy installation. The only affect on the hull is a small hole for the electrical connection.
  • Small dimensions, light weight.
  • No hydraulic oil makes it safer for the marine environment.
  • Complies with CE and ABYC requirements.

Many factors affect the choice of properly sized trim unit configurations. These sizing recommendations are based on average performance. When making a choice, please remember that the largest interceptor configuration that will comfortably fit on the transom will be the most efficient. The QL Boat Trim System is designed to fully replace conventional trim tabs.

450 mm kit, part no 3841716 incl.:

  • 2 Interceptor units 450 mm (2 x 1140712)
  • 1 Control panel (1 x 1140717)
  • 1 Control unit (1 x 1140718)
  • 2 Cables 4 m (2 x 3817172)
  • 1 Cable 9 m (1 x 889551)

300 mm kit, part no 3841717 incl.:

  • 2 Interceptor units 300 mm (2 x 1140714)
  • 1 Control panel (1 x 1140717)
  • 1 Control unit (1 x 1140718)
  • 2 Cables 2,5 m (2 x 3817171)
  • 1 Cable 5 m (1 x 874789)


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Sizing guidelines for planing hulls:
Boat length, ftSingle eng. inst.Twin eng. inst.
15 - 19QL300
19 - 24QL300
22 - 27QL450QL450
25 - 30QL450QL450
28 - 34QL450QL450
32 - 38QL300 x 2QL450
36 - 44QL450 x 2QL450 x 2
42 - 50QL450 x 2QL450 x 2
For semi-planing hulls, it may be necessary to increase the length of the trim unit configuration.