Where royalty, millionaires and film stars have been known to stroll on gleaming teak decks while savoring the earth's most dramatic panoramas. Welcome aboard the one and only Queen Elizabeth II. Thanks to a refurbishment from bow to stern, she is uniquely prepared to pamper you with the utmost contemporary comfort. Sail on Queen Elizabeth II and be part of the legend!

We are prouly to present to you this royal model of the Queen Elizabeth II. Our craftsmen has spent more that 500 hours to complete this gorgeous model using plank on frame method. Again, all of our models were built using this class method: plank on frame. This is a museum quality model that captures most of the details of the ship. All little details are accurate to the original. It was painted very fine in its original color. The deck was made beautifully in strips of mahogany. All little details: raillings, windows, anchors, propellers were tidiously made to look exactly as the original. You can't find a better model than this.