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Remote Control Spotlights How-To's

What's Inside A Jabsco 135SL Searchlight? (Video)
A video presentation on what's on the inside of a Jabsco 135SL Searchlight by Jabsco ... read more

Video Transcript

[Jeff] Thanks for watching I’m Jeff Lander.

[Mike] And I’m Mike Irving.

[Jeff] And today we’re going to give you some troubleshooting tips on our 135 SL. .

[Mike] Yep, what’s going to happen is that Jeff’s going to jump behind the camera and I’m going to turn this thing upside down, inside out, take it apart. And as I go through it, you can look and see what I’m talking about, and also I’ll just point out things that we’ve seen in the past. So what do you think? .

[Jeff] Sounds good Mike, let’s get started. .

[Mike] Alright Jeff check this out. Let’s tear this light down. Right here is the left and right motor and these wires are both negative and positive. We reverse the polarity to make the light go left or right. Here is the main wire harness. Here is your tension spring that keeps the motor assembly against this gear assembly in here. If we’ve accidentally forced the likes left or right and after that the light gets hung up in one position and you have to kind of nudge to get it to go further. That tells me that some of these teeth on this gear right here have been either damaged or worn out and you have to swap out the lower half of the unit. .

On the underside you will notice that these four screw holes; I’ve already removed the screws because they are long and you don’t want to see me un-screwing stuff. So by doing that it pops off this top housing assembly. Now in the back you will see the up-down motor and again same thing with the left-right motor, those two wires are both negative and positive; reversing the polarity that just makes the light go up or down. And through this shield is a kind of water shield so that water doesn’t get into the motors. You’ll see the bronze gear assembly right in there and that’s what makes the light to go up and down. It actually use this entire housing right here. To power the light there are two white wires that come out of the light housing assembly. They can be either brown or orange, it doesn’t matter though white itself isn’t polarity sensitive. .

The change out the site you will see for screws on the front bezel. Remove those screws; this plastic housing comes off and then we get access to the light. That’s the 135 in a nutshell. There are not too many things that can go wrong with it, it’s a very simple light. .

[Jeff] So that was pretty neat Mike, you know you took us through the 135 Searchlight. You know the two motors that run it. Pretty simple, pretty straightforward but you know it’s helpful to show our viewers basically what’s inside of here, just in case they want to tackle it themselves. .

[Mike] Yes, first they got some light. Sometimes when I’m working on things, it’s just nice to be able to view it before I get into it. Hopefully that was helpful. I Mike Irving.

[Jeff] And I’m Jeff Lander. .

[Mike]. Thanks a lot for watching this episode of Jabsco Tech. There’s going to be more coming up so stay tuned.
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