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River Hawk Boats 17ft Drifter - Canoe Boat Options

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2014 River Hawk Boats 17ft Drifter Optional Features

60" Beam

Oars, Oarlocks & Oarlock Blocks
9' Sawyer Polecat
9' Sawyer Lite ea
9' Sawyer MXSG w/ Dynelite Blade
9' Sawyer Polecat Breakdown
9' 6" Sawyer Polecat
9' 6" Sawyer Lite
9' 6" Sawyer MXSG w/ Dynelite Blade
9' 6" Sawyer Polecat Breakdown
6 Position Oarlock Block
Rope Wrapped Oar Set

Fish Boxes
Fish Box on Tracks 36"
Fish Box on Tracks 48"

Fly Fishing Options
3" or 9" Cut Down Bow
Front/Rear Casting Supports-Molded
Rod Tube

Bottom Protection
UHMW Bottom
Coat-It Bottom
Diamond Plate Options
Diamond Plate Sides
Front Level Diamond Plate Floor
Front Level Diamond Plate Floor to Footrest
Rear Level Diamond Plate Floor
Diamond Plate Floor
Full Diamond Plate Floor
Diamond Plate Transom
Kick Plate on Lower Front Deck
Heater Options
Heater System
Heater System w/ Baffle
Forced Air Heater System
Baffle Only
Heater Hose Under Floor Only

Seats & Canvas
Tow Bra
Flip Flop Top
Rower Seat
Action Padded Seat
Angler w/ Spacer Block & Swivel
Angler w/ Arm Rests
Pro Angler w/ Arm Rests/ Recliner

Aluminum Polish
Top Rail
Full Sides
1/2 Side

Front Seating
Front Bench Seat w/ Runners
Front Compartment
Front Walk Thru Compartment
Adjustable Side-Drifting Compartment
Free Sliding Front Compartment
Pyramid Seat Box
Seat Box 16x16x10

Row Seat Option
Row Seat w/ Center Compartment
Row Seat w/ Full Width Lid
Row Seat w/ 2 Compartments
Row Seat w/ 3 Compartments
Free Sliding Row Seat
Row Seat Box
Tray on Seat Box
Adjustable Foot Rest

Rear Seating
Removable Rear Bench
Removable Rear Compartment
Rear Slant Seat Box
Adjustable Rear Slant Seat Box
Rear Seat Brackets Only
Pin Mount Seat Bracket

Anchor Options
Stern Anchor Release
Corner Anchor Release
Stern Anchor Nest
Bow Anchor Release
Bow Anchor Nest
Four Pulley Anchor System
Bo's Under Floor Anchor System
30 lb. Pyramid Anchor w/ 40' Rope

Karavan Trailer
Powder Coated Trailer
Galvanized Trailer
Karavan "Gal" KDB 1500
Spare Tire

Misc Accessories
Gunnel Guard
Transom Cut Out with Filler Plate
Removable Deck w/ Extra Bracing
Bilge Pump
Enclosed Front Bow
Five Runner Floor
Propane Bottle 2.5 Gallon

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