Now you can install SE Sport 300 or 200 Hydrofoil on your outboard without drilling “dangerous” holes, thanks to the SE Sport Hydrofoil Sport Clip. It features a four-fold securing method that ensures a fail-safe attachment of hydrofoil to the motor without any scratch or alteration to the cavitation plate. The hydrofoil is made of unbreakable, fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene for durable use.

· Installs SE Sport 300 or 200 Hydrofoil with no drilling holes and modifications

· Four-fold securing method for fail-safe attachment

· Break-resistant, fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene construction

This clip can be used with 25 HP or above horsepower outboards and stern drives except ones that use cavitation plate for exhaustion.

Features of SE Sport Hydrofoil Sport Clip:

· Installs SE Sport 300 or 200 hydrofoil without drill holes

  • Does not scratch or modify cavitation plate

· Break-resistant, fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene construction

  • Four-fold securing method
  • Includes complete mounting instructions


  • Manf. Part # 73434
  • Type: Sport clip