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New 2009 SeaCraft Boats

New - 2009 - SeaCraft Boats
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    For veteran saltwater anglers, the name Seacraft Boats evokes a response of reverence, one of respect for a brand that has profoundly shaped the history and evolution of the modern sport fishing boat. No other brand has done so much to change the principles of hull design and few, if any, can claim the level of seaworthiness for which Sea craft Boats is acclaimed.

    Seacraft Boats has been an innovator since its beginning, living on the cutting-edge of engineering and design excellence. Its team of boat builders was led by the legendary Carl Moesly, an engineer whose vision created a hull so unique, so ahead of its time that even today, measured against all the competitors that have come since, it is still considered to be the best midsize seagoing boat ever built! The secret behind this renowned softer ride is the Variable Deadrise, Longitudinal Stepped V Hull, a Seacraft Boats exclusive that has only been further refined over time and updated with modern construction materials and techniques.

    Another Seacraft Boats innovation was the introduction of a unitized grillagea structural grid system integrating transverse frames and longitudinal stringers. When bonded to the hull, it makes the entire structure stronger and far more rigid than earlier stringer system configurations. Again, Sea craft made such a revolutionary development that it remains the industry standard to this day.

    Though designs and technology have evolved over the years, the limited-production Seacraft Boats we build today still retain the elegant appearance, unmistakable classic lines and very best features found in the original boats still coveted by fishermen today. Today, the unitized grillage system and transom built into every model are 100% composite construction, using new materials that add years to the boatÂ’s lifespan. Now built in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Seacraft Boats are built to higher standards than ever before.

    For over three decades Seacraft Boats has built a legacy of fine fishing boats, and we take great pride in carrying on that tradition.

    Seacraft Boats has partnered with some of the best brands in the industry like Mercury Marine, Suzuki, Honda, Johnson, and Evinrude. These partnerships ensure that you get the best marine products available.

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